Rules for purchasing kittens

Rules for purchasing kittens from our cattery:

The kittens which are born in our cattery may leave their family house at age of 12-16 weeks when they have all vaccinations and are independent.

Each kitten receives a pedigree which is a document defining the cat’s origin, a passport with up-to-date vaccinations and treatment for warms, detailed information about nutrition and care for the kitten as well as a layette.

We enter into a written agreement with every purchaser, in which we reserve the pre-emptive right in the event of a re-sale.

The kittens which are not intended for cattery (kittens to be “hugged and loved”) shall undergo the procedure of early castration.

We want our cattery kittens to take part in shows that is why we count on cooperation with their owners.

We would like to stay in close contact with all the purchasers of our kittens so that we might have an opportunity to follow their growth.

The price of a breed cat is fixed individually for a particular cat.

We never sell our kittens to the catteries keeping cats in cages, to the shops and for re-selling!

We ship interntional but never by cargo.

We reserve the right to change names of the kittens.

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