About Us

“Both, cats and dogs are rich in virtues and talents,
but the dog has one talent too many – it allows you to train him,
and one virtue too less – he doesn’t hide any mysteriesÔÇŁ
Erich Kastner

Welcome to our website :).
We are a small, home, family run british shorthair cattery.

Our fascination of British shorthairs has began in 2006 when we’ve met them for the first time.
We have been captivated then not only by their appearance resembling a miniature teddy bear but mostly by their character. After having thought a lot about becoming a breeder we decided in the spring of 2007 to bring our first british shorthair girl home and since then we can’t imagine home without cats :).
They are members of our family, they are all loved and spoiled.


We are very happy with our kittens, we make every effort to make the cats and kittens bred by us be great representatives of this breed. We take pride in fact that our commitment and work results not only healthy but also trusting and loving babies.

We do hope that you will enjoy our website and like our cats and that you will often come back to us.
We invite you to see our website.

Kinga Krzy┼╝ewska

Warszawa, Polska
+48. 510 665 075
+48. 694 485 171 [english]
e-mail: palladium@onet.eu

Palladium*PL (FIFe & WCF reg.)
Kinga Krzy┼╝ewska

Warszawa, Polska

tel. +48 694485171
+48 510665075

e-mail: palladium@onet.eu
Facebook: palladium.koty

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